Hen House

During the first Covid 19 lockdown in April 2020, like many others we started making things, learning new skills and adapting our practice to become a little more self-sufficient. We looked around us and at our architecture projects on site and starting seeing too much material waste and wondered if we could re-consider lost resources as a commodity with real value. Over the lockdowns, we started collecting off cuts and stock piling unwanted construction material with no real plan of how to use it. During this time, we started growing vegetables and had an idea to keep free range hens for eggs in a bid to live a more sustainable life in uncertain times. Our discipline would be to only use100% recycled materials including re-purposed RIBA red metal signs as roof sheeting, sample door handles and hinges and old trestle legs from our shed. Some drawings were made however were adapted as the project unfolded.

Inspired by Jacques Tati house in Mon Oncle 1958.