St.Augustines Road

In early 2021 we were approached to refurbish and extend a large Victorian house near Camden Square in North London.

The house is semi-detached and like many houses in the street has suffered from settlement and required major works to stabilise the building. Major structural insertions included underpinning, propping and a new steel frame throughout. Twisted stairs were corrected and finishes addressed to ‘square up’ the house.

The interior was completely renewed and the layouts remodelled to create a large new open garden level kitchen, dining, living space that connects to the garden beyond.

Whilst the original character of the existing house was respected, it was also refreshed and updated to incorporate new materials including birch-faced ply, concrete worktops and new Crittal doors.

The house was completed in April 2022 by JJ Construction Ltd, our long-term London contractor and collaborator.