The Bothy

In summer 2020, during lockdown, we started work on site for a new studio and library project in Hampshire. The existing bothy building sits within Grange Park in Hampshire, South West England.

The works involved creating a new arrival sequence in the existing house including a staircase, new bathroom and utility space. The main studio room is a double height library and study that allows the family to work from home and provides the ability of The Bothy to hold larger family gatherings.

The project uses Hampshire reds, local field flint and traditional brickwork detail, conceived in a contemporary arrangement where the frame is expressed in brick piers and a plinth base. The form is a simple cube shape and sits below the eaves line of the double pitched Victorian roof profiles and highly decorated chimney stacks. Working together, the resulting building blends traditional and modern, where the contradictions are balanced and calmly complementary.