Ceramic Artist Studio

The new artist studio building is located within the grounds of a large farmhouse that sits as part of a larger agricultural plot on a south facing sloping site in rural South Wiltshire. It was designed, detailed and managed on site in 2022.

The building includes a ceramicist studio, bathrooms, artist flat, gym, external terraces, pools and landscape. Environmental design considerations were at the heart of the proposal and the overall design is conceived as an ecosystem that is cyclical, sustainable and active. The roof as an example, collects rainwater to channel into an architectural pool and balancing pond in the garden to create a natural habitat for wildlife.

The building form is slim and rises from the ground in a gentle arc making a close relationship with the land at the low end and the sky at the other, where a tree breaks the roof line. Both are poetic gestures and design ideas to bed-in the building to its context and create peaceful places where landscape and architecture blend.

There are no applied finishes or paints. All materials were sourced locally and were selected for their simplicity and integrity. We explored texture and shadow in the building envelope to enrich the surfaces and used local green stone as a contextual reference. Bamboo and raw concrete sculptural walls feature in the terraces and pools as an eastern influence. The roof over sails the building below and provides steop spaces, an African veranda, familiar to the client’s homeland.